Evolution of Digital Assets
From buildings to bonds, we are redefining the concept of ownership. Leading charge in Real-World Digital Assets ecosystem, leveraging Blockchain, Web3, AI and the Metaverse.
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About BlowX
At the BlowX Empire we are a highly experienced community of cryptocurrency pioneers, united by a shared culture and vision. Our aim is to revolutionise the web3 landscape and the global economy by introducing real-world utilities through our native token, Blow. Built on a multi chain network, Blow powers transactions and activities within the Blow ecosystem, enabling seamless and efficient interactions.

The Problem We Are Solving

• Lack of Payment and Transactions Security
• Lack of Luxury and Entertainment Exclusivity
• Lack of Seamless Airport Navigation and Travel self-service intelligence
• Lack of Artificial intelligence integration in real world assets
• Lack of Bot/automated support systems
• Lack of mineral Balance, Cellular Functions
• Lack of Fast DC and standard AC Charging
• Lack of innovative educational initiatives and entrepreneurial support.
• Lack of Advanced Power management and Quick charging

• BlowPay and Black card to ensure Payment and Transactions Security
• Blow island & Casino to provide Luxury and Entertainment Exclusivity
• BlowAVIA to provide Seamless Airport Navigation and Travel self-service intelligence
• BlowAI to provide Artificial intelligence integration in real world assets
• BlowBOT to provide Bot/automated support systems
• BlowCARLIFONIUM to provide mineral Balance, Cellular Functions
• BlowLITHIUM to provide Fast DC and standard AC Charging
• Blow Foundation to provide innovative educational initiatives and entrepreneurial support.
• Blow Hybrid EVC Station to provide Advanced Power management and Quick charging V

What about Tokenized Real World Assets?
With the continued failure of centralized exchanges, crypto is seeing a return to first principles: new and seasoned investors alike are embracing the trustless, non-custodial, decentralized nature of on-chain finance. BlowX is rewriting the rules of investment, and you're invited to the front row seat. View Our Whitepaper to see our Full Solution-Based Ecosystem
The total supply of Blow Tokens, which is offered to everyone with its unique tokenomics structure, has been limited to 10 billion BLOW.
Team and Advisors
Tokens 1,000,000,000 BLOW
• 0% TGE
• 6 months Cliff - 1.67% monthly after
Tokens 5,000,000,000 BLOW
• TGE 0%
• 6 months Cliff - 0.8% monthly after
Private Sale
Tokens 500,000,000 BLOW
• TGE 15%
• 2 months Cliff - 7.08% monthly after
Tokens 500,000,000 BLOW
• 0% TGE
• Released quarterly
Tokens 1,000,000,000 BLOW
• TGE 0%
• 3 months Cliff - 2.08% monthly
Public Sale
Tokens 500,000,000 BLOW
• 100% TGE
• Not Vested
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MEXC Global
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Why BlowX Ecosystem: Decentralised system is the future, and so is the Real World Assets (RWAs) tokenisation. Whether you adopt it now or not. Value is value, Innovation is Innovation. BlowX is positioned to build the first ever Real World Assets (RWAs) decentralised ecosystem, leveraging the Blockchain, Ai, Metaverse and other disruptive technologies.
    Blow.ai Web3 Mobile
    Blow.ai Web3 Mobile
    Introducing Blow.ai Web3 Mobile, a blockchain-enabled mobile device that brings the power of blockchain and AI technology to your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate with decentralized applications (DApps), manage digital assets, and communicate securely with military-grade encryption.
    BlowVerse Marketplace
    BlowVerse Marketplace
    Discover the BlowVerse Marketplace, your gateway to the decentralised economy. Explore a wide range of products and services, securely transact with smart contracts, empower creators and entrepreneurs, and enjoy frictionless payments using the native cryptocurrency, BLOW.
    BlowPAY (BlackCard)
    BlowPAY & BlackCard
    Revolutionise payments with BlowPAY, leveraging blockchain technology for fast and secure transactions. The BlowPAY BlackCard offers exclusive benefits and privileges, enhanced security, global acceptance, instant fund access, expense tracking, and integration within the BlowPAY ecosystem.
    BlowEARN (Staking)
    BlowEARN (Dynamic Staking)
    Maximise Your Returns with Flexible Staking Solutions. Earn dynamic staking rewards based on market conditions and network performance. Stake your assets now.
    Take the liberty to Flaunt your BlowX NFTs that allows you Participate in the Growing NFT industry You are introduced to an intriguing part of the Blockchain technology Your NFT Gives you access to other BlowX utilities, and we are also making them suitable for utility within or without the Ecosystem.
    Blow Island & Casino
    Blow Island & Casino
    Escape to the luxurious Blow Island & Casino, an exclusive paradise located in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, and El Salvador Bitcoin City. Enjoy world-class gaming, lavish accommodations, gourmet dining experiences, exciting entertainment options, and VIP services. Experience luxury and entertainment like never before, exclusively for BLOW prime hodlers and VVIPs. (Discover) Blow Island & Casino and plan your unforgettable experience today!
    BlowAVIA (Smart Airport)
    Redefine your travel experience with BlowAVIA Smart Airport. Seamlessly navigate through the airport with advanced biometric identification, intelligent self-service kiosks, real-time flight information, and smart luggage tracking. Experience convenience and efficiency at its best with BlowAVIA.(Learn more) about BlowAVIA and embark on a hassle-free journey!
    Blow AI
    Blow AI
    Empower innovation and automation with Blow AI, a solution that utilises advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Streamline workflows, personalise user experiences, gain valuable insights through predictive analytics, and enhance security measures with this intelligent decision-making platform.
    Introducing BlowBOT, your intelligent virtual assistant for personal and business needs! Experience 24/7 automated support, personalised recommendations, task automation, and more. Discover the power of BlowBOT and optimise your efficiency today! Get started with BlowBOT and revolutionize your daily tasks.
    BlowCALIFORNIUM Mineral
    Harness the power of nature with BlowCALIFORNIUM Mineral, a unique mineral formulation. Promote mineral balance, enhance cellular function, and support overall health. Unlock the potential of BlowCALIFORNIUM Mineral and experience its benefits! Explore BlowCALIFORNIUM Mineral and elevate your well-being now!
    Empower smart product manufacturers with BlowLITHIUM, the ultimate power solution. Enjoy advanced power management, extended battery life, and quick charging technology. Join the future of smart devices with BlowLITHIUM! Upgrade your smart products with BlowLITHIUM and boost performance!
    BlowEVC Station
    Blow Hybrid EVC Station
    A versatile electric vehicle charging station that combines fast DC charging and standard AC charging in one unit. It offers compatibility with various EV models, user-friendly interface, intelligent charging management, and scalability for future expansion. Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with Blow Hybrid EVC Station. 
    The BlowDAO
    The Blow DAO
    Join a decentralised autonomous organization built on blockchain technology. The BlowX DAO empowers token holders to participate in governance, access investment opportunities, and earn rewards. Be part of a transparent and community-driven ecosystem that shapes the future of decentralized governance and investments.
    Blow Foundation
    Blow Foundation
    The Blow Foundation is dedicated to nurturing talent, providing scholarships, and supporting educational initiatives globally. It offers programs for skill-building, entrepreneurship support, cultural exchange, environmental sustainability, and global outreach. Join us in making a lasting impact and empowering the next generation across the globe.
Q4 2022
Ideation and research
Team building
Q1 2023
White-paper development
Tokenomics development
Q2 2023
Web development
Community building
Influencer marketing
Brand Ambassadorship
Q3 2023
Airdrop Phase 1 Snapshot
Blow Private sale
Blow Pre-sale
Airdrop Phase 1 Released
Public launch
Q4 2023
BlowEARN (Dynamic Staking) is announced and launched.
Blow.ai Web3 Mobile: The beta version of the Blow.ai Web3 Mobile is launched.
Blow.ai Web3 Mobile: The official version of the Blow.ai Web3 Mobile is released.
Airdrop phase ll released
Q1 2024
BlowCHAIN is announced
BlowVerse Marketplace Development begins.
Q2 2024
BlowCHAIN is launched.
BlowVerse Marketplace announcement
Airdrop phase lll released
Q3 2024
BlowCHAIN: The second DApp for the BlowCHAIN platform is released.
BlowVerse Marketplace launched
BlowVerse Marketplace: New products and services are added to the marketplace.
BLOW COIN is integrated with other blockchain-based platforms.
Q4 2024
BlowCHAIN: New features and capabilities are added to the BlowCHAIN platform.
BlowVerse Marketplace: New marketing campaigns are launched to promote the marketplace. Onboarding of developers to use the BlowCHAIN continues
The Team
'The Community constitutes the governing team of the project. No centralized authorities over the project. Built for the game-changers only!'

According to Elon Musk: "People get confused. They sometimes think an economy is money. Money is a database for exchange of goods & services. Money is a database. Money doesn't have power in & of itself. The actual economy is goods & services. And that’s what we are building.

You're trapped on a remote island, shipwrecked on an island. And you have a trillion dollars in a Swiss bank account - It's worthless. You'd rather have some kind of soup. All the Bitcoin in the world, and you're still gonna starve.

As we value the worth of a specific good, products and services, at #TheBlowXToken with the BlowX Token will always be connected to every products launched within the ecosystem. That’s when you have real value.

BlowX token is a utility token deeply embedded into the BlowX ecosystem, designed to provide a series of perks and benefits to holders as well as to enhance the user experience across the BlowX platform.

Join our waitlist and we'll notify you when the public sale starts.

Total supply is 10 billion Blow

Join our waitlist and we'll notify you when the public sale starts.

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